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I am Liane

I first started when my daughter was just a tiny tot. She began to try and copy me as I did my own “Ogre“ as she called it practice at home.

That was my light bulb moment, my vision to create something that was unheard of when I was a kid. A fun way of discovering yoga and mindfulness. Empowering Children, our future generation, supporting their mental health and well-being so they grow into happy healthy adults.

“Yoga and Kids? You must be mad!" they said...they were right. After completing my Children’s Yoga training, adding to the mix being a mum of 2, and years of working in education, boom Yokids was ready.

I am truly grateful and blessed to do what I do. All I need is my mat, imagination, oh and of course my awesome Yokids!

Let the Yoga adventures begin...

I am Sam

Hi my names Sam, I’m new to the team and completed my training  at the beginning of 2020. I spent 14 years working in education including working in a special needs school and my passion is to help and encourage children to be themselves, feel strong, confident, brave and also to take time to be calm and mindful. I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years now and yoga for children just seemed a natural progression for me.

I love Yokids it’s a fantastic programme for children of all ages and with the crazy fast paced world we live in some time for calm is just what our children need.